Applications Open
June 2017

CREATIVE, SUSTAINABLE FUTURES GTR is an interactive accelerator program dedicated to supporting small studios from all over the world with the development, publishing, and fundraising expertise they need to take their content global and make their businesses sustainable.

The interactive era is upon us. Independent developers
all over the world are creating exciting content, but often lack the reach or expertise to evaluate their product-region fit or identify the publishing partners they need to launch in a new region.

Through the GTR acceleration program, new studios with great content will receive both funding and the help they need to improve their games and identify & negotiate with potential publishers from all over the world.

GTR selects up to 10 games annually for the program, which provides funding, game development and culturalization support, global publisher exposure, fundraising assistance, and an extensive global network of professionals to give them the feedback they need to take their studios and projects to the next level.


We want studios to be able to focus on their games, and give them access to global expertise. At GTR, we make sure that independent studios can get the insights they need to bring their games to new markets all over the world.


GTR has funding partners who are constantly searching for great content. After receiveing funding and graduating from the GTR accelerator, the best performing of our top 10 studios will have a chance to receive proper investment at a reasonable valuation, helping them to grow and focus on making great games.


Game studios should focus on games! We’ll leverage our global network of publishers to help studios identify partners in the markets for which their content is best suited.


Games need to be at least 60% complete with a working demo, or already soft-launched.